We can personalize any desk sign or plaque any way you would like. They can be customized the engraving with just about any graphic or name you would like. These make great business gifts!

*Note-You will need to enter the desired text AND any graphic you would like during the CHECKOUT PROCESS.

You also have the choice of requesting job-related, or any type of graphic you would like by E-Mailing us:
or CALL us --319-472-3432

If requesting a specific graphic we will send you an E-Mail providing you with:
a Preview of your choice for graphics and the overall layout of your Sign

We will wait for Your approval of the Graphic and the Layout--Before we begin cutting your Name Sign

To Choose Your Font--

Please check out our:



Wooden Desk Name Signs & Plaques

We NOW ship to BOTH the US & CANADA

  • All Desk Signs are made from SOLID Oak Wood

  • Desk Plaques are 3.75 inches tall by 12 inches long
    Other sizes available by requesting for a quote through E-mail OR Request Order Form

  • Provide Wording / Name(s) to be Engraved in Sign

  • Select the Font Type

  • Tell us what type of Graphic you wish to be engraved in Desk Sign

  • Engraved & Hand Painted

  • Comes with Stand Attached and Ready to Stand on Desk or Shelf

  • We E-Mail a Preview of the Sign to You and Wait for Your Approval--Before We Begin Cutting the Sign

  • Most Orders Ship within 1 to 2 Weeks via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail--